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So I’m hanging out with 19 homeless people at a shelter in Plymouth, as a volunteer chaperone.

It’s a “damp” shelter, meaning they don’t have to be stone cold sober/straight, as long as they are able to behave calmly and don’t drink or do drugs while here. Earlier, Peter (a friend and former neighbor from Plymouth) taught me how to play cribbage while the men finished eating. Now they’re watching “Men Who Stare at Goats” very loudly, making it impossible for me to study. [Tangent: I’m trying to learn R (a programming language for stats and data visualization) via a Coursera class “Computing for Data Analysis”. It’s fascinating and (for me) challenging — though the hardest part is finding the time. Maybe Shawna was right, that I sometimes take on too much. Did I mention I’m on chemo this week? Yeah, it’s too much. /end tangent]

Anyway I’m going offline in a minute to watch the 2nd half of this movie with these semi-intoxicated, largely peaceful, homeless men. I might get a couple hours’ sleep before I get up and go do another showing of our rental house that’s now for sale, and then drive 100 miles to pick out — but not take home, yet — a yellow lab puppy. Then to a social engagement. And the last night of chemo till February — which will be my last of 12 cycles, w00t!).

Then Sunday is the Pats:Broncos AFC title game, and the weekly quiz and programming assignment for my course, and Monday is a day off (with Abi and Harper!) before diving back into work, which has been very interesting lately.

As I wrote this the movie ended. Now it’s mostly just snoring-level noise… but I’m too beat to study. Oh well. 🙂

OK that’s my status. Good night all!

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