Chrome DevTools Device Mode / Emulation

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Device Mode is an awesome tool for mobile web dev. Google Chrome browser’s Dev Tools are fantastic. The “Device Mode” in particular is very helpful for testing mobile UX. It’s better than just modifying your UA (e.g. via “User Agent Switcher” or other plugins), because it has presets for lots of popular devices, and lets… Read more »

Good OSX Software for managing HDDs

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Here is some OSX software I’ve found helpful for managing hard drives, in no particular order (yet). At some point I may write up the whole saga of how I turned my early-2008 Mac Pro tower from a huge doorstop into a terrific media server and home workstation… but in the short term I wanted… Read more »

Sweet Dreams, Layla

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  Today is the day I’ve dreaded since we first took you home, 11 years ago this month. What an incredible companion and family member you have been. Always there for us, undemanding, affectionate, obedient, patient, gentle and always in the present moment. We’ve been through a lot these 11 years together, my sweet, big-hearted… Read more »