Year One – in the books

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What a year it’s been. Exactly one year ago today, Shawna dropped what she was doing to drive up to the offices and take me home, and then to the hospital. I remain full of gratitude to be alive and well. I may write more later but need to hit the road and drive… Read more »


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There’s a tool that can cut your image filesizes in HALF without meaningfully degrading their appearance. But hardly anyone seems to be using it. TL;DR: TRY IMAGEOPTIM! [Disclaimer: I had intended this to be a lengthier and more technically detailed post about image optimization. I saved a draft of it two months ago… then got… Read more »

How to get your gmail inbox settings back

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Lose your customized gmail inbox settings after trying the new category tabs? I did. Here’s how to restore them. I tried Gmail’s new inbox tabs, didn’t like them, and tried to revert back to my original settings by unchecking all the tabs. But there was a surprising, unwanted side effect: my “inbox type” reset to… Read more »

Good Gnus

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No news is, as they say…. Happy to report an uneventful MRI and oncologist visit today. Dr Dietrich confirmed I’m doing great and there is no sign of recurrence. It puts the flooding and never-ending kitchen renovation in perspective. So grateful to have only petty temporary complaints right now. I hope you’re all staying cool…. Read more »