The Love That Let Us Share Our Name

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“Always remember, there was nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.” Those lyrics are from one of my favorite Avett Brothers’ songs, “Murder in the City”. Providing instructions to loved ones in the event of your untimely death is something most people my age (38) don’t have to seriously contemplate…. Read more »

On Having a Good Boss

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You know you have a good boss when you can take a project you own that isn’t going as well as it should, bring its status to their attention, and get this kind of response. Me: “Things aren’t going well. I’ve got a late-breaking blocking issue. Even if/when that’s resolved, the results of this work… Read more »

Lesswatcher tool on Github under Caredotcom account!

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I am pretty stoked about this milestone. Here is a lightly-edited email I sent around at this morning: Last night I published’s very first Open Source software on Github! (Github is the primary “social coding” platform for open source software projects, where developers — ranging from individual coders to huge companies — share… Read more »

Us and Them

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It’s easy to fall into an “us vs them” trap at the best of times. In extraordinary times like we’re seeing in the Boston area this week, it’s almost impossible to avoid. I’m doing it myself even as I consciously try not to. But I keep thinking, it would be so much better if people… Read more »

Happy Days

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Abi’s already beyond me. Six years old, not yet done with kindergarten, and already I can’t keep up. Example: A: “Harper, tomorrow is Monday.” Me (overhearing): “Actually guys, tomorrow is Sunday!” A: “No, dada, it is opposite days because today is Happierday instead of Sadderday. That makes tomorrow Monday instead of Sunday, cause ‘mon’ in… Read more »