LinkedIn Spam Disaster 20130301

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Sorry! And LinkedIn, darn you, that was AWFUL! I tried to add a *few* people to my LinkedIn connections from within LinkedIn, by allowing LinkedIn to access my gmail account. Due to some bug, even though I only picked a small number of people, it spammed what seems to be every email address it could… Read more »

Back to Work!

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I AM SO PSYCHED!!! As of this morning, I’m officially back to work at in my full-time role as Web UI Architect. 🙂 So when I’m now suddenly less available and slower to respond than before (e.g. via email, voice, FB etc), that’s why. Have an awesome day and work week everyone!!! 🙂

An Apology (also, a lesson in Acceptance)

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Not so long ago, I de-friended most of my FB connections. Here’s what happened: One evening a couple years ago, I was in a fit of pique against FB for some outrageous (albeit predictable) privacy policy change. I decided to trim my FB connections down from about 200 or so to the dozen people closest… Read more »

How to request a Verizon FIOS DVR upgrade

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Success! We just renewed our FIOS contract (to save some $ while improving our home internet/tv/phone services). Verizon has a notorious and apparently justified reputation for difficult-to-impenetrable customer service. This morning I finally finished interacting with their escalated support tier, and managed to determine exactly how to request a DVR upgrade (as ours was very… Read more »