Welcome to the (Cancer) Club

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This is an open letter to anyone faced with a recent diagnosis of cancer or any other serious ailment. I’m publishing it because now two close friends of mine (who, like me, are in their 30’s and otherwise healthy) inexplicably have joined me in the cancer club in the last couple months. Here’s hoping it’s… Read more »

What Care.com Means to Me

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A couple days ago, I asked my company’s CEO, Sheila, if it might be helpful for me to share a bit of my personal story. She replied saying yes, and would I be willing to write a few words about what Care.com means to me. I have a lot to say on the matter, so I’ll do… Read more »

Two Monks and a Rude Lady

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This is a true story about learning to let the little things go. In late December (less than a month after my surgery), Shawna’s parents generously took us out to the super-fancy Hyannis Yacht Club restaurant to celebrate Shawna’s birthday. I wore the requisite coat and tie, but didn’t have an appropriate hat to wear… Read more »

Back to Work!

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I AM SO PSYCHED!!! As of this morning, I’m officially back to work at Care.com in my full-time role as Web UI Architect. 🙂 So when I’m now suddenly less available and slower to respond than before (e.g. via email, voice, FB etc), that’s why. Have an awesome day and work week everyone!!! 🙂

An Apology (also, a lesson in Acceptance)

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Not so long ago, I de-friended most of my FB connections. Here’s what happened: One evening a couple years ago, I was in a fit of pique against FB for some outrageous (albeit predictable) privacy policy change. I decided to trim my FB connections down from about 200 or so to the dozen people closest… Read more »