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This is my new blog, as of December 2012. I’ve been writing at some length on CaringBridge about my battle with brain cancer, but that’s not the right forum for many of the things I want to write about, which have nothing to do with my health status. Hence, this blog. Lots more to come,… Read more »

The Man with No Shoes

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The man with no shoes Hi everyone, Thank you so much for all the positive thoughts, and for the compliments about my writing. (You do realize my recent problems all started because of my head swelling, right? /jk) I am so glad that my sharing here might be helpful to others. For me, it has… Read more »

The Farmer’s Luck

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The Farmer’s Luck This is an ancient Taoist story I’ve been reflecting on a lot lately. It is one of my all-time favorite parables, about how people are often too hasty in labeling things lucky or unlucky, when in fact we don’t know how things will turn out. A farmer in a small village was… Read more »