Back to Work!

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I AM SO PSYCHED!!! As of this morning, I’m officially back to work at in my full-time role as Web UI Architect. 🙂 So when I’m now suddenly less available and slower to respond than before (e.g. via email, voice, FB etc), that’s why. Have an awesome day and work week everyone!!! 🙂

An Apology (also, a lesson in Acceptance)

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Not so long ago, I de-friended most of my FB connections. Here’s what happened: One evening a couple years ago, I was in a fit of pique against FB for some outrageous (albeit predictable) privacy policy change. I decided to trim my FB connections down from about 200 or so to the dozen people closest… Read more »

How to request a Verizon FIOS DVR upgrade

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Success! We just renewed our FIOS contract (to save some $ while improving our home internet/tv/phone services). Verizon has a notorious and apparently justified reputation for difficult-to-impenetrable customer service. This morning I finally finished interacting with their escalated support tier, and managed to determine exactly how to request a DVR upgrade (as ours was very… Read more »

Friday Afternoon in the Universe

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Happy Friday everyone! Two other things: 1. Today I had my penultimate radiation treatment. After Monday’s, I’m done. Dropping off handwritten thank you notes to the ICU and recovery nurses at MGH felt good. 2. I’m becoming something of an amateur philosopher. What follows is unrelated to my medical status but I wanted to get… Read more »