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Not so long ago, I de-friended most of my FB connections. Here’s what happened:

One evening a couple years ago, I was in a fit of pique against FB for some outrageous (albeit predictable) privacy policy change. I decided to trim my FB connections down from about 200 or so to the dozen people closest to me, and to essentially cease using FB altogether. Once I started unchecking names on my “friends” list, I found it hard to stop. I removed about 3/4 of my connections before I came to my senses. [I will plead the 5th regarding my sobriety at the time.]

I’ve since reconnected with many of the great people I “defriended”, but not quite all of them (yet?). I sincerely apologize if I offended or annoyed anyone reading this with that action (or this post). Mea culpa. Live and learn?

In any case, I still loathe many things about FB, but I have also decided to accept it, for now, given that’s where everybody is. Until that changes (which might be great), I am consciously re-embracing it as a mechanism to be connected to people I couldn’t realistically be connected to as closely in any other way.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and/or willingness to [re/]connect, and no problem at all if you choose to stay outside my FB network. Best wishes to everyone who reads this, and have a great day!


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