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Today is the day I’ve dreaded since we first took you home, 11 years ago this month. What an incredible companion and family member you have been. Always there for us, undemanding, affectionate, obedient, patient, gentle and always in the present moment. We’ve been through a lot these 11 years together, my sweet, big-hearted dog. Thank you for being my constant companion, for teaching us to be in the present, for being such an amazing friend and terrific part of this family. You couldn’t have done it any better, and I will always be grateful to you. I need to do this one last thing to take care of you, hard as it is to bear, and that is to end your pain and let you, at long last, go into that deep, long sleep. May you dream of swimming endlessly among the stars, never growing tired, surrounded by beauty and loving kindness. That is how I will picture you. Sweet dreams, my dearest Layla. Good dog.

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