Hi! I’m Chris. Welcome to my personal blog. 🙂

(Here’s me, playing out at a local coffee shop in Plymouth a couple years ago.)

I’m a happily married father of two incredible young daughters, living on the south shore of Massachusetts (about 40 miles south of Boston). I am a “web user interface architect” by trade, which is a fancy way of saying I write the software blueprints for (and help implement) the parts of websites and mobile applications that people actually see and directly interact with. I genuinely love my job. I am lucky enough to work at Care.com, which is a truly phenomenal company run and staffed by wonderful people. I also have a lot of hobbies, most of which gather dust for extended periods of time while I’m busy working or spending time with my family. But I do make time almost daily for reading (esp. philosophy, literary and historical fiction, high-quality science fiction, and miscellaneous interesting non-fiction — including technical publications relating to cutting-edge web development). I also practice frequent non-religious Zen meditation. At least several times a week I play my acoustic and electric guitars, often with live-looping tools that let me layer multiple instrument parts over each other. I’ve always loved skiing and snowboarding, ocean sailing, foreign travel, home-brewing beer, cooking, lively but friendly debate, teaching, and playing games of all different kinds.

I also currently have brain cancer, which was diagnosed in November 2012. My tumor was successfully removed via surgery — a total resection — and at this point my oncologist describes it as a “manageable disease”. Needless to say, this experience has altered my perspective on life in a lot of ways. In any case, as of early Feb 2013, as I finish my last radiation treatment, I’m doing great and looking forward to sharing some of the contents of my brain here on my new blog.

I’ve disabled public comments here for now, but I’m always open to one-on-one communication in person (or via email / FB / Twitter) if you have thoughts or feedback to share. I love good conversation. So, till we speak in person, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


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