Comments disabled

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Hi good people, I have disabled comments on this site to keep things simpler for me. Thanks for understanding. (Several of you let me know you wanted to comment here but couldn’t. My first response was to remove all commenting restrictions — but I’ve since reconsidered. I’m realizing I don’t want to manage spam,┬ámoderate arguments,… Read more »

Motivations for writing

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My extensive writing on my CaringBridge site began with an attempt to document my health status. Then it became a tool for helping me understand the massive and entirely positive transformation in my outlook on life since my diagnosis with grade-4 GBMO brain cancer. Then as I started to get used to my new perspective,… Read more »


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This is my new blog, as of December 2012. I’ve been writing at some length on CaringBridge about my battle with brain cancer, but that’s not the right forum for many of the things I want to write about, which have nothing to do with my health status. Hence, this blog. Lots more to come,… Read more »