Back to Work!

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I AM SO PSYCHED!!! As of this morning, I’m officially back to work at in my full-time role as Web UI Architect. 🙂 So when I’m now suddenly less available and slower to respond than before (e.g. via email, voice, FB etc), that’s why. Have an awesome day and work week everyone!!! 🙂

A Love Supreme

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I have been flattered by messages complimenting me for being “strong” in this challenging time. Thank you! But really, any strength I’ve got all stems from just one thing: love. I have so much love for my family. It’s epic. If it were somehow possible to quantify or compare such things, I am confident that… Read more »

Motivations for writing

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My extensive writing on my CaringBridge site began with an attempt to document my health status. Then it became a tool for helping me understand the massive and entirely positive transformation in my outlook on life since my diagnosis with grade-4 GBMO brain cancer. Then as I started to get used to my new perspective,… Read more »